1222.05  APPEALS.
   Upon receipt of a written petition of appeal from an aggrieved party, the Board of Zoning Appeals shall, within a reasonable period of time, set a date for a public hearing. At least fifteen days prior to such public meeting date, the Board shall notify the aggrieved party, in writing, and shall notify, by general publication or otherwise, officials, agencies or persons it considers as having an interest in the proceedings.
   The notice shall contain the particular location of the property affected by the decision appealed from or the variation or exception requested, as well as a brief statement of the nature of the appeal or of what the proposed variation or exception consists. The Board shall render its decision on such appeal within a reasonable time after the date of such hearing.
(Ord. 9-76.  Passed 9-9-76; Ord. 15-98.  Passed 5-12-98.)