The Building and Zoning Inspector shall administer these Subdivision Regulations and, in addition thereto and in furtherance of such authority, he or she shall:
   (a)   Maintain permanent and current records of these Regulations, including amendments thereto;
   (b)   Receive and file all sketch plans, preliminary plats and final plats, together with applications;
   (c)   Forward copies of preliminary plats and final plats to other appropriate agencies for their recommendations and reports;
   (d)   Assimilate comments, recommendations and reviews from applicable Municipal officials and make a recommendation for action to the Planning Commission on every subdivision plan or plat which the Commission is to consider, such recommendation to be either for approval, disapproval or deferral with reasons for the recommendation clearly stated;
   (e)   Receive and file copies of final plats and check their compliance with preliminary plats or with such changes from preliminary plats as have been approved by the Municipal Engineer and the Department of Public Service, as applicable, and the Planning Commission;
   (f)   Receive “as built” plans, as outlined in Section 1230.02, and forward prints of such plans to proper governmental departments;
   (g)   Inspect and make recommendations concerning the approval or disapproval of streets and improvements, in accordance with these Regulations; and
   (h)   Make all other determinations required of him or her by these Regulations.
      (Ord. 9-76.  Passed 9-9-76; Ord. 13-91.  Passed 5-14-91.)