(a)   No land shall, after the adoption of these Subdivision Regulations (Ordinance 9-76, passed September 9, 1976), be subdivided or replatted without complying with these Regulations.
   (b)   No lot, tract or parcel of land within any subdivision or constituting a subdivision under Ohio R.C. Chapter 711 shall be offered for sale, nor shall any sale or contract for sale which is intended to be recorded with the County have any validity, until such subdivision, together with plans for improvements thereto, have been properly reviewed and officially approved by the Planning Commission and, where required, by Council.
   (c)   No permit required for any work in connection with any subdivision shall be issued until the plat has been approved as prescribed in these Regulations.
   (d)   No improvement, such as water supply, storm water drainage, sewerage facilities, gas service, electric service or lighting, major grading operation, or paving or surfacing of any street, shall be made within any subdivision by any owner or his or her agent, or by any public service corporation at the request of such owner or his or her agent, until the plat for the subdivision and plans for improvements have been properly reviewed by the Municipal Engineer and officially approved by the Commission and until the appropriate bonds have been posted.
   (e)   Where a tract of land is proposed to be subdivided in several stages over a period of years, and the subdivider requests approval in parts, he or she shall, at the time of submission of the first part, submit a complete preliminary plan of the entire tract to be eventually developed, with appropriate sectioning adequate to demonstrate to the Commission that the total design as proposed for the entire subdivision is acceptable under the terms of these Regulations, including conformity with the Land Use Plan. The Commission may give preliminary approval to the overall plan and final approval on the parts as submitted from time to time.
   (f)   The Municipality hereby defines its policy to be that the Municipality will withhold all public improvements, including the maintenance of streets and the furnishing of sewerage facilities and water service, from all subdivisions which have not been approved and from all areas dedicated to the public which have not been accepted by the Commission and Council in the manner prescribed in these Regulations.
   (g)   These Regulations shall be held to be the minimum requirements necessary in the subdivision of land.
(Ord. 9-76. Passed 9-9-76.)