(a)    Provided thirty days notice is given in accordance with Ohio R.C. 715.26(B) should any nuisance not be abated by the owner at the expiration of the time stated in the orders of the Board of Nuisance Abatement, or such additional time as the Nuisance Abatement Appeals Board may grant, the Board of Nuisance Abatement shall be authorized, at any time thereafter, to cause entry upon such premises and the owner shall permit such entry to abate the nuisance by demolition and removal of the structure, or by boarding all windows, exterior doors and other openings to secure the structure and by removal of litter and cutting of rank growth that may be present.
   (b)    In abating such nuisance the Board of Nuisance Abatement shall obtain the abatement thereof by private contract and the costs of such private contract shall be paid for from Village funds, or from funds provided to the Village by the Federal Government, which are specifically authorized by Council in order to abate the nuisance as provided for in subsection (a) hereof, the Village may elect to do so by using its own employees and materials. The costs of such abatement shall be recovered from the owner in the following manner.
(1)    The owner shall be billed for the cost of the abatement by mailing such bill to the owner, by United States certified mail with return receipt requested, or by personally serving the owner with a copy of such bill or by leaving a copy of such bill at the usual place of residence of such owner. If service of such bill is not perfected by either of the hereinbefore described methods then the billing notice shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation of the Village, once a week for two consecutive weeks.
(2)    If the owner shall fail to pay for costs of such abatement within sixty days after receipt of the bill, after the publication of the second notice in the aforesaid newspaper, the Village shall cause the cost of the abatement to be levied as an assessment, and recovered in accordance with authority granted by Ohio R.C. 715.261.
         (Ord. 87-32. Passed 6-1-87.)