(a)    The owner may, within ten days after service of the order of the findings of the Board of Nuisance Abatement as provided for in Section 1309.02 hereof, that the subject property does constitute a public nuisance, make a demand in writing to the Board for an appeal on the question of whether in fact a public nuisance as defined in Section 1309.01 does exist.
   (b)    The owner of the property in question or his duly authorized representative or agent, shall be notified of the date, time and place of the appeal hearing in accordance with the provisions of Section 1309.03, and shall be given an opportunity of appearing in person, or through a duly authorized representative or agent, at such hearing and of presenting such evidence as may be pertinent to the question of the existence of the public nuisance.
   (c)    The appeal shall be considered by the Nuisance Appeal Board composed of a member from Council, the Law Director and a resident appointed by the Mayor.
   (d)    Two members of the Nuisance Appeal Board, after reviewing all of the inspection reports, and any pertinent evidence presented by the owner, or his duly authorized representative, shall concur that a public nuisance, as defined in Section 1309.01 above does exist before enforcement of the abatement provisions of this chapter are carried out. A copy of the decision of the Nuisance Abatement Appeal Board shall be promptly served upon the owner in the manner provided for in Section 1309.03.
(Ord. 87-32. Passed 6-1-87.)