(a)   Initial Service Established. Location, inspection of service, etc. Meters must be in location approved by the Village Administrator or his authorized representative.
   (b)   Transfer of Account.   
Where no meter reading or no special trip isrequired.
Fee      $10.00
Trip change to read meter or reconnect service.
Fee      $20.00
   (c)   Trip Charges.
To disconnect or reconnect service at customer’srequest
Fee         $20.00
To disconnect delinquent account for nonpayment and subsequent reconnection.
This must be paid in full before service will bereconnected
Fee      $30.00
   (d)   Fraud or Illegal Diversion of Water. No person shall knowingly consume any water that has not been correctly registered because a meter or attachment of the utility has been tampered with as defined in ORC 4933.18, or knowingly use service that has been discontinued to the utility and reconnected without the utility’s consent, as stated in ORC 4933.19. Whoever violates the aforementioned section, shall reimburse the utility the cost of the stolen water plus the cost of repair or replacement of the meter or attachment, and a penalty fee of
   (e)   Return of Customer’s Check or electronic payment by Bank because of
      Insufficient Funds
   (f)   Other Special Services. Will be furnished under the following conditions:
      (1)   Service connections after regular working hours, and Saturdays, Sundays and village holidays, may be made at the option of the utility but shall be considered special service subject to a special charge to cover the additional cost involved.
   In addition to the applicable regular charge, the customer shall pay the Utility’s actual cost of the special overtime service. Such cost shall be determined as specified in subsection (f)(3) hereof.
      (2)   For service trouble involving customer’s service or equipment. Customer shall pay the Utility’s actual cost, as determined in subsection (f)(3) below, but not less than twenty dollars ($20.00). This shall be added to the customer’s regular monthly water bill, and shall be due and payable by the specified
             payment date.
$20.00 minimum
      (3)   Determination of Costs. All special service furnished to the customer, as referred to herein, shall be paid for by the customer, and shall include the following items of costs:
         A.   Direct Labor.
         B.   Replacement Cost of Materials and Supplies.
         C.   Equipment Used.
         D.   Payroll Taxes.
         E.   Insurance.
         F.   Employee Benefits.
         G.   All other direct costs.
         This first billing reflecting these rates will be on or after 12-20-2013.
         (Ord. 2013-24. Passed 1-20-14; Ord. 2020-18. Passed 1-4-21.)