(a)    Ownership of trunk and collecting lines built within the Municipality and/or a contiguous area shall be vested in the Municipality along with any right-of-way easement for the necessary construction, maintenance and operation of such trunk sewer and collecting lines.
   (b)    The Municipality shall assume full responsibility for the maintenance and operation of all trunk sewer and collecting lines vested in the Municipality in accordance with subsection (a) herein.
   (c)    It is not the intent of this section to prohibit the Municipality from entering into a contract with a person for extending a trunk sewer and collecting lines at his own expense through his property. If such an extension is made, it shall take the status of a service line with a meter installed at the point of junction with the Municipally owned main and the owner assuming full responsibility for maintenance and operation of the extension.
(Ord. 685. Passed 11-1-71.)