(a)   No person shall remove or haul litter from or within the Village, except in containers that are securely covered and constructed to prevent the escape of litter.
   (b)   No person shall remove or haul litter in the Village for hire or compensation in any form except on days of the week designated as collection days from time to time by the Village Administrator.
   (c)   Before any person removes or hauls litter for hire or compensation within the Village, the contractor shall obtain a permit from the Morrow County Health Department and furnish a bond to the Village for one thousand dollars ($1,000), with good and sufficient surety as reasonably determined by the Village Administrator.  The condition of the bond shall be that the contractor dispose of all litter collected in the Village in a good, proper and lawful manner, and in compliance with all the provisions of this chapter and any regulations and conditions as established by the Village Administrator.
(Ord. 2007-12.  Passed 7-16-07.)