Ord. No.   Date   Description
94-10   8-1-94   A 28.99 acre parcel known as the Wilhelm property zoned M-1 and a 4.93 acre parcel known as the Kenney property zoned R-1.
96-02   3-4-96   The recently annexed Minnich property zoned R-3.
00-23   Lot No. 309 Cunard St. from R-1 to B-1.
00-32   9-18-00   4.65 acres on Park St. from R-1 to PUD.
2002-32   11-16-02   36.675 acres at Williams St. and Township Road 132 from existing Township zoning to R-1.
2003-15   8-15-03   3.078 acres along County Road 124 zoned R-1.
2004-09   4-5-04   8.239 acres at the end of Kinsdale Drive from Planned District to Planned Unit District.
2005-25   9-6-05   .836 acre along State Route 42 zoned B-1.
2011-46   8-15-11   61.3638 acres on State Route 42 from Township zoning to B-1 and A-1.
2018-33   10-15-18   Parcel #C09-002-00-003-00, #C09-002-00-002-00, #C09-002-00-001-00 on Richelderfer Street and Parcel #C09-002-00-014-00 on West Williams from Existing Agriculture District to Special District (S-1).
2019-04   2-18-19   300 North Marion Street Parcel #C09-003-00-007-00 from Existing Residential (R1) to Residential (R3).
2019-32   11-18-19   1.58 acres on West Williams Street from existing Residential Zoning (R1) to General Business District (B-1).
2022-06   5-2-22   Park Avenue Parcel #’s C09-025-00-005-01 & C09-025-00-007-01 from existing Residential (R1) to Residential (R3).
2022-08   5-16-22   149 Richelderfer Parcel #’s C09-002-00-004-00 & C09-002-00-005-00 from existing Agricultural Residential District (A-1) to Single Family Residential District (R-1).