Ord. No.   Date   Description
80-5   3-17-80   Enters into a lease agreement pertaining to certain premises in Richland Twp. to be used as a well site.
82-9   12-20-82   Accepts lease agreement with Cardington Rotary Club concerning the Multi-Purpose Building.
00-35   9-5-00   Authorizes the lease of parking space from David Steck, DDS.
01-44   9-4-01   Authorizes a lease for additional parking space with Community Investment Corporation.
01-45   9-4-01   Authorizes a lease for additional parking space with the Cardington Public Library.
01-46   9-4-01   Authorizes a lease for additional parking space with Whetstone Industries, Inc.
2004-18   8-2-04   Authorizes lease with the Cardington Community Corporation for land which may be developed into public park space.
2004-19   7-6-04   Authorizes a lease agreement with Jenkins-Vaughn Post #97 of the American Legion of Cardington for the land commonly known as Legion Park.
2011-19   3-21-11   Authorizes the lease of property commonly known as Newman Cardington Road to Brian Barkley.