(a)   Council hereby requires persons who are convicted of an offense and confined in the Morrow County Jail as provided in Ohio R.C. 1905.35, to reimburse the Village for its expenses incurred by reason of the person’s confinement including but not limited to expenses related to the provision of food, clothing, shelter, medical care, personal hygiene products and up to two hours of overtime costs incurred relating to the trial, if any, of the person.
   (b)   The amount paid in reimbursement by a person so confined shall be determined by the Mayor’s Court of the Village of Cardington at a hearing held pursuant to Ohio R.C. 2929.223.
   (c)   Council further ratifies all prior acts of the Village and/or Mayor’s Court with respect to requiring reimbursement to the Village of the costs of confinement, pursuant to Ohio R.C. 1905.35 and 2929.223.
(Ord. 2001-17.  Passed 4-16-01.)