(a)    Properly assigned numbers are hereby required to be posted on all buildings occupied as residences or for business purposes in the Village of Cardington setting forth the street number of the building as assigned to said building by the U.S. Postal Service or the Village house numbering service.
   (b)    Said posting shall be in a conspicuous place facing the street and illuminated if possible
   (c)   Said numbers shall be in letters which are at least three inches high.
   (d)    All property owners shall have sixty days from the date of passage of this section within which to comply.
   (e)    The purpose of the section as indicated above is to assure the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Cardington, especially in times of emergencies.
   (f)    Noncompliance with this section shall constitute a minor misdemeanor as defined  in Section 101.99 of the Codified Ordinances of the Village of Cardington, Ohio.
(Ord. 93-14. Passed 8-2-93.)
   (g)    Any person who tampers with said house numbers shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree.
(Ord. 88-2. Passed 3-21-88.)