(a)    Upon receipt of any false alarm report from the Mayor, the alarm user may elect to respond in writing to explain the actual cause of such alarm. Such response must be made to the Mayor within ten days from the date of receipt of the false alarm report. If the Mayor upholds the false alarm determination, the alarm user will have thirty days from the date of notification in which to request an appeal.
   (b)    The Safety Committee, appointed by the Mayor, shall hear appeals from the alarm user on the issue of whether the alarm system in question activated a false alarm as determined by the police officer or firefighter at the scene of such activated alarm.
   (c)    At the hearing, which must be concluded within fifteen days from the date the request for the hearing is required, the alarm user shall have the right to present evidence and testimony.
   (d)    The Safety Committee shall make a decision whether to uphold or disallow the false alarm report and will notify the alarm user and the Mayor within ten days from the date the hearing is concluded.
(Ord. 00-40. Passed 11-6-00.)