(a)   Permits.  The contractor shall have a permit and approval drawings by the Village and OEPA prior to starting construction.
   (b)   Design Standards.
      (1)   Pipe Size.  Minimum pipe size shall be 6”.
      (2)   Pipe Material.   Shall be one of the following:
         A.   AWWA C-900 PVC pipe, class 150 DR-18, A #10 AWG ground wire shall be installed 1 foot above the pipe.  Type 5 pipe bedding shall be used.
         B.   Ductile iron pipe, AWWA C151 (minimum Class 51), cement lined conforming with AWWA C104 specification.
      (3)   Pipe Fittings.  All pipe fittings shall be ductile iron, cement lined, mechanical joint type, which meet or exceed AWWA standard C111.
      (4)   Fire Hydrants.  Hydrants shall be placed in 500 feet intervals at a maximum.
         A.   Fire hydrants shall have a 6” watch valve and ductile iron hydrant couplings to attach to main line.
         B.   The hydrants shall be Mueller Centurion or equal which meet AWWA c-502 specifications and
            1.   Dry barrel type
            2.   Minimum depth 4’
            3.   MJ inlot shoe
            4.   Shall have 3 openings
               a.   4 ½” std thrd
               b.   2 ½” std thrd
            5.   Nozzles shall have standard thread
            6.   Operating nut 1 ½” tapered pentagon
            7.   Frost protection casing
            8.   Safety flange and coupling
      (5)   Valves, valve boxes and lids.  Valves shall be installed no further than 800 ft. apart.  All valves shall be a resilient seat gate valve meeting AWWA c- 500 specification.  Valve boxes shall be adjustable cast iron.
      (6)   Lines shall be sterilized in accordance with AWWA C-601 standards.