(a)   Procedure for Extension of Water/Sewer Mains (for Non-Development Purposes). This section applies to individual(s) who request extension of water/sewer mains for the purpose of acquiring water/sewer service, not specifically for a development.  (See Section 921.10 for development).  Extension of main lines are required under the following conditions: 
      (1)   No legal easement has been acquired by the individual(s) to extend service line(s) across other property(s).
      (2)   The property is located over 500 feet from existing water or sewer mains.
      (3)   The purpose is to service two or more lots.
   (b)   Individuals shall first request service from the Village Administrator and Village Council if the location is outside of the corporation.  The Village Administrator shall then develop a preliminary project cost.  The cost estimate will then be submitted to the individual(s), and an agreement drawn up to the effect that the individual(s) shall pay all costs.  The Village Administrator shall manage the project.
   (c)   Financial Assistance.  The Village can at its discretion provide financial assistance for the project if the Village views the subject project to benefit the community.  Each proposed financial assistance project shall be considered individually.  The financial assistance may consist of one or more of the following: 
      (1)   Waive tap in fees where the individual(s) pay for water and/or sewer main line extension and the extension can provide additional services to areas other than the individuals(s).
      (2)   Supply man power and equipment to install the water and/or sewer main extensions.  All other costs (i.e. material, engineering, etc.) are to be paid by the individual(s).
      (3)   Submit for grants and/or loans through one or more governmental agencies.
      (4)   Pay the cost difference (size of line) for increasing the water and sewer line for future expansion.
         (Ord. 94-6.  Passed 5-2-94.)