Listed herein are the permits/agreements that are currently required by the Village Administrator for various activities dealing with the Village’s water and sewer systems.  Copies of the subject permits are available at the Village Office.
   (a)   Water/Sewer Tap In Permit.  This permit is to be completed and fees paid thirty days prior to any tap in to  be made into existing main lines.  The purpose of this permit is to ensure personnel are available to make the tap in and to conduct required inspections.
   (b)   Industrial Water/Wastewater Permit. 
      (1)   This permit is to be completed by all significant industrial users and is to be renewed every three years.  This permit is to ensure the safety of the community.  (Ord. 94-6.  Passed 5-2-94.)
      (2)   Potential discharge of non-contact coolant water.  Said discharge shall only be considered upon Applicant providing Village with an Industrial Discharge Permit, otherwise approving said non-contact coolant water discharge, from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.  A potential Industrial sanitary sewer user shall first complete a Permit Application attached hereto and pay the permit fee of two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00).
         (Ord. 2013-23.  Passed 4-15-13.)
   (c)   Water/Sewer Service Line Modification Permit.  A permit is required prior to modifying or altering the existing water/sewer service lines.  This only applies to changes made outside the building and which require excavation.  The purpose of this permit is to provide for inspection and compliance with applicable regulations.
   (d)   Extension of Main Line Service Permit. This permit is to be completed and submitted to the Village Administrator along with plans detailing physical dimensions, specifications and use.  Following review by the Village Administrator, further approval may be required by the Zoning Board and OEPA.
   (e)   Customer Agreement. This agreement is to be completed prior to water and/or sewer service being provided.  The purpose of this agreement is to specify who is to be billed for services and that the customer agrees to follow all the Village Administrator’s regulations and requirements.
   (f)   Water/Sewer Main Line Extension Agreement. This agreement specifies who is to pay for the extension, what services are to be provided and who shall own the main lines.  This agreement shall be completed prior to construction.
   (g)   Water Hauler Agreement.  This agreement is required when bulk water is purchased on credit. 
(Ord. 94-6.  Passed 5-2-94.)