09-11-01: Title
09-11-03: Structure, Purpose And Authority
09-11-05: Repealer
09-11-07: Saving Clause
09-11-09: Area Of City Impact Defined
09-11-11: Geographic Area Of City Impact Established
09-11-13: Area Of City Impact Map
09-11-15: Annexation Limited
09-11-17: Applicable Comprehensive Plan And Comprehensive Plan
09-11-19: Applicable Ordinances And Standards
09-11-21: Zoning/Subdivision Ordinance Amendment Proposals
09-11-23: Amendment Of County And City Ordinances Relating To Area Of City Impact And Notice
09-11-25: Application Procedures
09-11-27: Amendment Of Nampa Area Of City Impact (Plans And Ordinances) Ordinance
09-11-29: Severability
09-11-31: Effective Date