(1)   Code's Title: Once this code of ordinances is adopted by ordinance by the board of Canyon County commissioners, it shall be declared to be and shall thereafter constitute the official code of Canyon County. This code of ordinances shall be known and cited as the CANYON COUNTY CODE OF ORDINANCES. Its publication is authorized by the county commission, and the code shall be kept up to date as provided herein. If reference is made to a numbered section of the county code in any legal document, it shall be construed to include also the penalty or general penalty applicable thereto.
   (2)   Code's Acceptance In The Legal Community: This code in its printed form shall be received in all courts and in administrative tribunals of this state as the ordinances of the county of general and permanent nature, with the exception of any ordinances intentionally excluded herefrom.
   (3)   Code Amendments: Whenever an ordinance amends this code, that ordinance shall set forth the specific number of the section or sections to be amended. This shall constitute statutory compliance relating to the amendment or revision by ordinance of any part of this code. All amendments or revisions by ordinance shall be prepared for insertion in its proper place in each copy of this code. Each such replacement page shall be properly identified and shall be inserted in each individual copy of the code, by the person or persons responsible for that duty. The county clerk shall see that the replacement pages are properly inserted in the official copies maintained in the office of the clerk. Any person having in his possession a copy of this code shall make every effort to keep that copy in an up-to-date state. That person shall see that new or replacement pages available to him through the office of the county clerk are immediately placed in his copy of the code.
   (4)   Unlawful Alterations: It shall be deemed unlawful for any person to alter, change, replace or deface in any way any section or any page of this code in such a manner that the meaning of any phrase or order may be changed or omitted. (1996 Code)