(1)   Administrative Land Divisions: An administrative land division of an original parcel is allowed in accordance with the following:
      A.   For land zoned A (agricultural), the minimum parcel size is one acre and an administrative land division of an original parcel is allowed in accordance with the following:
Less than 80 acres
2 residential parcels
80 to 119 acres
3 residential parcels
More than 120 acres
4 residential parcels
One-time Only Division: Once an administrative land division has been approved in the agricultural zoning district, there shall be no other administrative land divisions from that land regardless of ownership of any of the land involved except as permitted by this Article. Previously approved divisions in the agricultural zoning district may be amended to provide for divisions of the original parcel that were entitled pursuant to section 07-18-01-1A but not taken when the first division was approved.
      B.   For all other zones land may be divided into no more than four (4) parcels through the administrative land division process. The minimum parcel or lot area shall be subject to the minimum lot size provisions of subsection 07-10-21(2) of this chapter. Applications for administrative divisions of parcels in other zoning districts into four (4) parcels or less may be requested at any time unless further restricted by provisions in Chapter 9 - Areas Of City Impact.
      C.   Parcels divided pursuant to this Chapter with slopes greater than fifteen percent (15%) shall not be disturbed without an engineered grading and drainage plan consistent with section 07-17-33(1)C.
      D.   The following shall be provided with all applications for land divisions pursuant to this Article:
         1.   An irrigation plan (if applicable);
         2.   Proof that any required conditions of county approvals are met; and
         3.   A record of survey, with metes and bounds descriptions of all lots, that shows access from each parcel complies with the requirements of section 07-10-03: of this chapter, and that includes all required utility easements.
   (2)   Approval procedure: Notification of the application shall be provided to the applicable fire and highway districts and shall provide such districts a period of fifteen (15) calendar days from the date of notice to submit comments concerning the application. The subject property shall be in compliance with the public nuisance ordinance (chapter 2, article 1 of this code) and the building code (chapter 6 of this code) before the director can approve the application. If the application and its attachments meet the requirements of this chapter, the director shall approve the land division.  (Ord. 10-006, 8-16-2010; amd. Ord. 11-003, 3-16-2011; Ord. 20-004, 1-22-2020; amd. Ord. 21-033, 10-21-2021)