§ 94.06  TETHERING.
   (A)   It is unlawful for a person to restrain a dog with a chain or tether unless the person is holding the chain or tether.
   (B)   It is an affirmative defense to a violation of the above division that the restraint:
      (1)   Is required to protect the safety or welfare of a person or the dog, if the dog's owner remains with the dog throughout the period of restraint; or
      (2)   While the dog is within the owner's direct physical control; and while the dog is prevented from being within 15 feet from the edge of any public street or sidewalk.
   (C)   The prohibition of division (A) above does not apply to a temporary restraint during a lawful animal event, veterinary treatment, grooming, training, or law enforcement activity.
   (D)   An offense under this section is a Class C misdemeanor. If a person fails to comply with this section with respect to more than one dog, the person's conduct with respect to each dog constitutes a separate offense. The penalty for violation of this section shall be between $1 and $2,000 for each offense, for each violation, for each separate day, and for each dog.
   (E)   Hand-held leashes shall not prohibit a person from walking a dog with a hand-held leash.
(Ord. 2016-21, passed 10-18-2016; Ord. 2019-18, passed 10-15-2019)