The Planning and Zoning Commission will not approve any plat, plan or subdivision which does not meet the minimum requirements of this chapter in making adequate provision for control of the quantity of storm water run-off to the benefit of both future owners of property within the subdivision and other lands upstream or downstream within the watershed. It shall be the responsibility of the subdivider to design and construct a system for the collection and transport of all storm water run-off flowing onto and generated within the subdivision in accordance with the following:
   (A)   The requirements of these regulations;
   (B)   Standard engineering practices, as recommended by the City Engineer;
   (C)   Approved plans;
   (D)   The principles and precedents of storm water law established by the Texas Water Code; and
   (E)   North Central Texas Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction adopted by the City of Canton.
(Ord. 2010-11, passed 6-17-2010)