(A)   Stop sign designated.  It is hereby provided that a stop sign shall be erected at the address listed below. Every driver of a vehicle shall stop at this sop sign, except when directed to proceed by a Police Officer or traffic control signal, and it shall be unlawful for any driver of any vehicle to fail to bring the vehicle to a full and complete stop as above directed.
On Forrest Drive
Both intersections with Sides Circles (north and southbound)
On Sides Circle
Both intersections with Forrest Drive (westbound)
   (B)   Posting of stop sign.  The City Council is hereby directed to post the appropriate traffic control sign in accordance with division (A) above.
   (C)   Penalty.  Any person, firm, corporation, or business entity violating this section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof may be fined a sum not exceeding $200 for each offense, plus court costs. Each additional violation under this section shall constitute a separate offense. The penal provisions imposed under this section shall not preclude the City of Canton from filing suit to enjoin the violation. The City of Canton retains all legal rights and remedies available to it pursuant to local, state and federal law.
   (D)   Effective date.  This section shall become effective immediately upon it passage and publication as required by law.
(Ord. 2008-08, passed 5-20-2008)