Section 2-1  Town officers generally.
The officers of the Town of Canton shall hereafter consist of a mayor and three aldermen, who shall have power to appoint all such officers, agents and employees, including a chief of police and other policemen, Town clerk, attorney, treasurer, tax collector and all other such officers and agents as may be necessary, for the purpose of conducting the business of said Town, and the enforcement of its laws, rules and ordinances.
(Private Laws 1907, Ch. 90, Sec. 4; Private Laws 1920 [Extra Session], Ch. 78, Sec. 4; Private Laws 1923, Ch. 204, Sec. 1)
Editorial Note: By a charter amendment approved at a referendum on November.6, 1979, the number of Aldermen was increased from three to four, and the mayor's right to vote on any issue was restricted to cases of tie votes by the Board of Aldermen.