(A)   The Board shall study, investigate, counsel, develop and administer a written plan for the care, preservation, pruning, planting, replanting, removal or disposition of trees and shrubs, in parks, along streets and in other public areas. The plans shall be presented to the Council, and following the review and approval by the Council shall constitute the official tree plan for the city. The Board, when requested by the Council, shall consider, investigate, make findings, report and recommend upon any special matter or question coming within the scope of its work.
   (B)   The Board shall have the following specific powers and duties:
      (1)   Determine and establish rules and regulations for the conduct of the Board as the members deem advisable. Provided, however, that the rules and regulations shall not be in conflict with this subchapter or other city code provisions, state or federal law;
      (2)   Recommend the adoption of rules, regulations and city code provisions which it shall from time to time deem in the public interest, as most likely to enhance and beautify the urban forest, and for the purposes of carrying out this subchapter;
      (3)   Recommend the broad matters of policy regarding the planting, maintenance and removal of trees and other vegetation on city property;
      (4)   Recommend policies for the review and approval of projects on private property where open space and/or landscaping is required as a condition for the development, and recommend policies for the enforcement of approved plans;
      (5)   Assist the City Forester in encouraging landscaping installation and maintenance on private property by providing information on the value of landscaping and on the proper planting and care of trees and other vegetation;
      (6)   Assist the City Forester in promoting appreciation of trees and the urban forest through an annual Arbor Day observance and other activities;
      (7)   Review those portions of the city budget allocated for the planting and care of trees and other vegetation, and advise the Council on the appropriateness of the funding levels; and
      (8)   In all instances, serve as an advocate of the city's urban forest.
(Prior Code, § 2.46, Subd. 2)