For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   EMERGENCY ERRAND. A task that if not completed promptly threatens the health, safety or comfort of the minor or a member of the minor's household. The term shall include, but shall not be limited to, seeking urgent medical treatment, seeking urgent assistance from law enforcement or Fire Department personnel, and seeking shelter from the elements or urgent assistance from a utility company due to a natural or human-made calamity.
   OFFICIAL CITY TIME. The time of day as determined by reference to the master clock used by the Police Department.
   PLACES OF AMUSEMENT, ENTERTAINMENT OR REFRESHMENT. Those places that include, but are not limited to, movie theaters, pinball arcades, shopping malls, nightclubs catering to minors, restaurants and pool halls.
   PRIMARY CARE or PRIMARY CUSTODY. The person who is responsible for providing food, clothing, shelter and other basic necessities to the minor. The person providing primary care or custody to the minor shall not be another minor.
   SCHOOL ACTIVITY. An event which has been placed on a school calendar by public or parochial school authorities as a school sanctioned event.