It is unlawful for any person to:
   (A)   Smoke in the presence of explosives, or inflammable materials, or in a building or area in which "No Smoking" notices have been prominently posted;
   (B)   Interfere with or obstruct the prevention or extinguishing of any fire, or disobey the lawful orders of a law enforcement officer or firefighter present at a fire;
   (C)   Show a false light or signal or interfere with any light, signal or sign controlling or guiding traffic upon a highway, railway track or navigable water;
   (D)   Place an obstruction upon a railroad track;
   (E)   Expose another or his or her property to an obnoxious or harmful gas, fluid or substance, with intent to injure, molest or coerce;
   (F)   Permit domestic animals or fowl under his or her control to go upon the lands of another within the city;
   (G)   Interfere unlawfully with any monument, sign or pointer erected or marked to designate a point of a boundary, line or a political subdivision or a tract of land;
   (H)   Trespass upon the premises of another, and without claim of right refuses to depart therefrom on demand of the lawful possessor;
   (I)   Occupy or enter the dwelling of another, without claim of right, or consent of the owner, or the consent of one who has the right to give consent, except in an emergency situation;
   (J)   Enter the premises of another with intent to take or injure any fruit, fruit trees or vegetables growing thereon without the permission of the owner or occupant; or
   (K)   Without the permission of the owner, tamper with or get into or upon a motor vehicle, or ride in or upon the motor vehicle knowing it was taken and is being driven by another without the permission of the owner.
(Prior Code, § 10.20) Penalty, see § 10.99