(A)   All applicants shall be at least 18 years of age.
   (B)   All initial applications for a license to practice massage within the city shall be accompanied by a non-returnable investigation fee.
   (C)   Applications shall contain the following information and/or documentation:
      (1)   Documentation that applicant has graduated and completed at least 500 hours of certified therapeutic massage training from an approved school recognized by a national or state professional therapeutic massage organization. Applicants for a massage license renewal are exempt from this division;
      (2)   Documentation that applicant is a member in good standing of a national or state recognized professional therapeutic massage organization;
      (3)   Information concerning convictions of any crime or offense committed by the applicant, other than a traffic offense, and information as to the time, place and nature of the crime or offense;
      (4)   Proof of professional liability insurance with policy limits of not less than $1,000,000 for a term no shorter than the license period, with an insurance carrier approved by the Council; and
      (5)   Any other information reasonably necessary for issuance of the license upon request by the Council.
(Prior Code, § 6.41, Subd. 3) (Ord. 201, effective 5-28-1999)