(A)   Before a license is issued under this chapter to an individual who is a nonresident of the city, to more than one individual whether or not they are residents of the city, or to a corporation, partnership or association, the applicant or applicants shall appoint in writing a natural person who is a resident of the city as its manager or agent.
   (B)   The resident manager or agent shall, by the terms of his or her written consent:
      (1)   Take full responsibility for the conduct of the licensed premises; and
      (2)   Serve as agent for service of notices and other process relating to the license.
   (C)   The manager or agent must be a person who, by reason of age, character, reputation and other attributes, could qualify individually as a licensee.
   (D)   If the manager or agent ceases to be a resident of the city or ceases to act in a capacity for the licensee without appointment of a successor, the license issued pursuant to the appointment shall be subject to revocation or suspension.
(Prior Code, § 6.40, Subd. 9)