It is unlawful for any person to:
   (A)   Recklessly handle or use a gun or other dangerous weapon or explosive so as to endanger the safety of another;
   (B)   Intentionally point a gun of any kind, capable of injuring or killing a human being and whether loaded or unloaded, at or toward another;
   (C)   Manufacture or sell for any unlawful purpose any weapon known as a slung-shot or sand club;
   (D)   Manufacture, transfer or possess metal knuckles or a switch blade knife opening automatically;
   (E)   Possess any other dangerous article or substance for the purpose of being used unlawfully as a weapon against another;
   (F)   Sell or have in his or her possession any device designed to silence or muffle the discharge of a firearm;
   (G)   Permit, as a parent or guardian, any child under 14 years of age to handle or use, outside of the parent's or guardian's presence, a firearm or air gun of any kind or any ammunition or explosive;
   (H)   Furnish a minor under 18 years of age with a firearm, air gun, ammunition or explosive without the written consent of his or her parent or guardian or of the Police Department; or
   (I)   Possess, sell, transfer or have in possession for sale or transfer, any weapon commonly known as a throwing star, nun chuck or sharp stud. For the purposes of this division:
      (1)   A THROWING STAR means a circular metallic device with any number of points projecting from the edge;
      (2)   A NUN CHUCK means a pair of wood sticks or metallic rods separated by chain links attached to one end of each stick or rod; and
      (3)   A SHARP STUD means a circular piece of metal attached to a wrist band, glove, belt or other material which protrudes one-fourth inch, or more, from the material to which it is attached, and with the protruding portion pyramidal in shape, sharp or pointed.
(Prior Code, § 10.10, Subd. 1) (Ord. 70, effective 1-31-1986) Penalty, see § 10.99