General Provisions
   90.001   Curb and gutter, street and sidewalk painting or coloring
Ice and Snow on Public Sidewalks
   90.015   Ice and snow a nuisance
   90.016   City to remove snow and ice
   90.017   Cost of removal to be assessed
   90.018   Civil suit for cost of removal
Placing Snow or Ice in a Public Street or on City Property
   90.030   Not acting under specific contract
   90.031   Permission from city
   90.032   Dumping on portion which is not traveled upon
Regulation of Trees, Grass and Weeds in Streets
   90.045   City to control tree planting
   90.046   Definitions
   90.047   Tree planting requirements; species; locations
   90.048   Public trees; planting, care and removal
   90.049   Duty of property owners to cut grass and weeds and maintain trees and shrubs
   90.050   City may order work done
   90.051   Assessment
Construction and Reconstruction of Roadway Surfacing, Sidewalk, Curb and Gutter
   90.065   Methods of procedure
   90.066   Permit required
   90.067   Specifications and standards
   90.068   Inspections
Coal Tar-Based Sealer Products
   90.080   Purpose
   90.081   Definitions
   90.082   Prohibitions
   90.083   Exemption
   90.084   Asphalt-based seal coat products
Obstructions, Fire, Dumping, Signs and Other Structures
   90.095   Fires
   90.096   Dumping in streets
   90.097   Signs and other structures
   90.098   Continuing violation
   90.099   Condition
Requirement of Sewer and Water Main Service Lateral Installation
   90.115   Requirement of sewer and water laterals
   90.116   Sewer system service and water main service laterals
   90.117   Waiver
   90.150   Findings, purpose and intent
   90.151   Election to manage the public rights-of-way
   90.152   Definitions
   90.153   Administration
   90.154   Utility coordination committee
   90.155   Registration and right-of-way occupancy
   90.156   Registration information
   90.157   Reporting obligations
   90.158   Permit requirement
   90.159   Permit applications
   90.160   Issuance of permit; conditions
   90.161   Permit fees
   90.162   Right-of-way patching and restoration
   90.163   Joint applications
   90.164   Supplementary applications
   90.165   Other obligations
   90.166   Denial of permit
   90.167   Installation requirements
   90.168   Inspection
   90.169   Work done without a permit
   90.170   Supplementary notification
   90.171   Revocation of permits
   90.172   Mapping data
   90.173   Location and relocation of facilities
   90.174   Pre-excavation facilities location
   90.175   Damage to other facilities
   90.176   Right-of-way vacation
   90.177   Indemnification and liability
   90.178   Abandoned and unused facilities
   90.179   Appeal
   90.180   Severability