TABLE B - Easements
Ord. No.   Date   Description
1934-14   12-3-34   Acceptance of rights of way over certain premises on the west side of S. Broad St. between W. Main St. and Lisbon St. for water purposes.
1937-5   7-12-37   Acceptance of right of way across the Erie Railroad for water service to the Canfield Manufacturing and Novelty Co.
1945-3   6-4-45   To the Ohio Edison Co. the right to erect facilities for electrical service for 25 years.
1946-10   9-9-46   Authorizing Ray Neff to construct and maintain a water main on Callahan Rd. and Hillside Dr.
1955-13   5-9-55   To the Natural Gas Co. of West Virginia the right to lay a gas line from the corner of W. Main St. to the corner of Court St.
1957-7   7-8-57   To the Ohio Fuel Gas Co. the right to install pipelines, etc., for natural gas service.
1959-9   8-10-59   Appropriation of easement across real estate in Lot 50 for surface water drainage purposes.
1959-14   11-9-59   To Greasel Reunion, across Lot 508 and the north half of Lot 38 for the purpose of ingress and egress.
1960-19   59-960   To the Ohio Bell Telephone Co. the right to install an underground duct system.
1962-58   8-14-62   To the Ohio Bell Telephone Co. the right to install an underground duct system.
1964-58   6-9-64   To the Ohio Edison Co. for the erection of electric poles to and in Greasel Park.
1968-13   8-13-68   To Ohio Edison Co. for electric lines.
1972-1   1-4-72   To Ohio Edison Co. for electrical service for Police headquarters building.
1993-26   4-20-93   Authorizes acquisition of easements from Board of Education to construct waterline at Hilltop Elementary School.
1993-27   4-20-93   Authorizes acquisition of easements from Board of Education for access to Hilltop Blvd. water tank.
1996-28   4-3-96   Motion authorizing purchase of sanitary sewer easement.
1999-29   8-4-99   Grants easement and r-o-w on Lot 1507 to Ohio Edison Co.
2013-41   12-4-13   Vacating existing easements on Manor Hill, City Lots 1485 and 2645.