3.01 Powers of Council.
   (A)   All legislative power of Canal Winchester shall be vested in the Council, except as otherwise provided by this Charter and the Constitution of the State of Ohio. Without limitation of the foregoing, the Council shall have and possess the following powers:
(1)   The power to levy taxes and assessments and incur debts subject to the limitations imposed thereon by this Charter and the Constitution of Ohio.
(2)   The power to adopt and to provide for the enforcement of local police, sanitary and other similar regulations as are not in conflict with the general laws.
(3)   The power to provide for the exercise of all powers of local self-government granted to the Municipality by the Constitution of the State of Ohio in a manner not inconsistent with this Charter or the Constitution of the State of Ohio.
(4)   The power, by ordinance or resolution, to establish or authorize the number of officers and employees in the various offices, departments, divisions, bureaus, boards and commissions of Canal Winchester, including but not limited to administrative assistants to the Mayor, and to establish or authorize the establishment of the rate of their compensation, hours of work, and to provide such other fringe benefits and conditions of employment as deemed proper by the Council.
(5)   The power to require such bonds as in the opinion of the Council are necessary for the faithful discharge of the duties of the officers and employees of Canal Winchester. The premium for said bonds shall be paid by Canal Winchester.
(6)   The arrangements currently existing for police and fire services shall continue under this Charter; however the Council is vested with the power to determine from time to time whether police, fire, utility or other services shall be provided pursuant to contracts with other qualified providers of services or whether any of the Departments of Public Service, Police or Fire shall be created.
(7)   The power to establish, by ordinance or resolution, the rates or charges made of consumers of all municipal utilities and services.
(8)   The power to acquire and to sell or otherwise convey interests in real property; and to lease, as lessor or lessee, or otherwise grant or receive interests in real property.
(9)   The power to provide for an independent audit of the accounts and records of Canal Winchester, which may be in addition to audits by state offices and agencies as may be required under the general laws of Ohio.
(10)   The power to require the Mayor, department heads, and Boards and Commissions to provide information and reports to the Council.
(11)   To exercise all other powers granted to the Council by this Charter and by the Constitution and laws of the State of Ohio.