Pursuant to Charter Section 8.02, a threshold amount of $75,000.00 is established for competitive bidding.
   (a)   Current Competitive Bidding Threshold or More. As a factor in determining the lowest and best bid, and for the award of contracts reasonably anticipated by the City to involve expenditures equal to or greater than the current competitive bidding threshold, competitive bidding and legislative authorization shall be required, unless an exception or alternative is otherwise provided by Council.
   (b)   less than the Current Competitive Bidding Threshold. The Mayor may, without competitive bidding or further legislative authorization, enter into contracts for expenditures of less than the current competitive bidding threshold for which City funds have been appropriated, provided that price quotes are obtained and documented as required by administrative order based upon the amount of the estimated expenditure.
   (c)   Notice. All bid advertisements or other solicitations for bids shall be placed, on a timely basis, with a reasonable period allowed for response, at least once in a newspaper of general circulation within the City.
      (Ord. 40-11. Passed 6-20-11.)