155.02 DUTIES.
   The Street Tree Advisory Board shall have the following duties which shall be performed on behalf of Canal Winchester:
(a)   To inventory the existing street trees on public property within the Municipality as to type, size and condition;
(b)   To generate a plan for the provision of street trees for those areas of the Municipality now without street trees. The plan should include tree species recommendations and an implementation timetable.
(c)   To provide recommendations for street trees in developments upon request by the Zoning Director.
(d)   To provide recommendations to Council and the Mayor for the ongoing maintenance of the Municipal street trees.
(e)   To adopt a tree adoption program or public education and awareness program within the Municipality for acceptance by Council.
(f)   To assist the Zoning Director by reviewing street tree permit applications in a timely manner and by providing written recommendations to the Zoning Director on applications for such permits.
(Ord. 38-92. Passed 4-20-92.)
   (g)   To generate and annually update a list of urban forest trees and plants suitable for use within the City of Canal Winchester.
      (Ord. 20-053. Passed 12-7-20.)