(a)   Council hereby finds and declares that, as a “home rule” charter village, Canal Winchester shall not be obligated to follow Ohio statutory procedures regarding contracting with providers of professional services, including but not limited to Ohio R.C. 153.65-153.71 and all other applicable sections within the Ohio Revised Code.
   (b)   With respect to the contracting procedures for soliciting proposals and/or quotes for professional services and entering into contracts for such professional services, Council shall select, in its sole discretion, the provider of professional services which Council determines to be the most beneficial and advantageous to the Village, based upon such factors as past performance references, quality/expertise of work, cost, reputation and any other relevant and appropriate factors. “Professional services” means services that usually require education, training, skill, or expertise of an advanced, specialized or peculiar nature including, without limitation, such services as those performed by attorneys, architects, engineers, professional design firms, surveyors, accountants, physicians, insurance advisers and/or third party administrators.
(Ord. 17-00. Passed 3-20-00.)