(A)   Water meters shall be read monthly commencing on the fifteenth day of each calendar month or as soon thereafter as weather and other conditions and circumstances may reasonably permit, and the readings shall continue as expeditiously as possible until all of the meters have been read.
   (B)   If, upon the occasion of a monthly meter reading, it is found that the meter of a customer is defective or non-operative, the water and/or sewer bill shall be computed on the basis of the average monthly water consumption of the customer shown by the three preceding monthly meter readings, provided that if no readings are then available, the applicable water and/or sewer bill may be computed on the basis of an estimate of water consumption, estimated by the Superintendent of the waterworks system, subject to adjustment upward or downward according to the average of the next three succeeding monthly meter readings.
(2000 Code, § 13-159)