(A)   In the event compliance cannot be achieved within the terms of a notice of violation and/or a stop work order, the city may proceed with permit suspension or revocation.
   (B)   Land-disturbing activities are not allowed on a project site when a permit has been suspended or revoked other than those required to address deficiencies/violations.
   (C)   The written permit suspension or revocation shall be hand delivered and/or sent by certified mail to the permittee.
   (D)   A permit suspension requires that the permittee submit a revised portion of SWQMP as indicated by the city for review and acceptance by the city of the specific issue of contention. When a permit suspension is removed, the city shall provide written notice to the permittee.
   (E)   When a permit is revoked, the permittee must reapply for a permit through the process of requesting a new permit.
   (F)   A permit revocation requires that the permittee resubmit a SWQMP for a full review and acceptance by the MS4 coordinator or their designee.
(Ord. 14-08, passed 9-3-2014)