§ 54.083  STOP WORK ORDER.
   (A)   If the violation has not been corrected pursuant to the time requirements set forth in the notice of violation, all construction activities other than those required to address deficiencies/violations shall be halted on a project site when a stop work order has been issued.
   (B)   The written stop work order shall be sent by certified mail to the permittee or may be hand delivered.
   (C)   The written SWO shall specify deficiencies and violations that must be corrected prior to a city inspection for consideration of removing the SWO.
   (D)   The permittee shall notify the city in writing of the anticipated date for completion of the corrective action(s) and provide at least a two calendar day notice for the city to perform a compliance inspection.
(Ord. 14-08, passed 9-3-2014)