Long-term operation and maintenance agreements shall include a maintenance plan for all stormwater quality BMPs in new development or redevelopment that require more than general maintenance (e.g. periodic mowing). These agreements are part of the P-SWPPP requirements. Agreements shall contain the following provisions.
   (A)   A plan developed to ensure that the stormwater quality BMPs are kept functional. The maintenance agreement will specify minimum operation and maintenance requirements and the frequency at which these activities are to be performed by the property owner.
   (B)   Schedules for inspections and techniques for operation and maintenance, including vegetation clearing or mowing and removing accumulated trash, debris, sediment pollutants, and other forms of pollution.
   (C)   Maintenance expectations for detention and retention facilities should be designed to require minimal maintenance.
   (D)   The agreement shall be noted on the final plat with the appropriate notation on the particular lot(s).
   (E)   The agreement described herein shall be binding on the owner, its administrators, executors, assigns, heirs, and any other successors in interest.
   (F)   The format for the agreement shall be provided through example by the city, or through guidance documents.
(Ord. 14-08, passed 9-3-2014)