The following discharges are exempt from discharge prohibitions established by this chapter: discharges from emergency fire-fighting activities; diverted stream flows; rising ground waters; uncontaminated groundwater infiltration to separate storm sewer systems (as defined by 40 C.F.R. § 35.2005(20); uncontaminated pumped ground water; discharges from potable water sources as required for system maintenance; drinking water line flushing dechlorinated through city accepted BMPs; air conditioning condensate; uncontaminated landscape irrigation; lawn watering; uncontaminated springs; uncontaminated water from crawl space pumps; uncontaminated water from footing drains and pumps; individual residential car washing; flows from riparian habitats and wetlands; swimming pool discharges dechlorinated through city accepted BMPs; controlled flushing of stormwater conveyances contained and treated by appropriate BMPs; dye testing, providing that a verbal notification to the MS4 representative or their designee is given prior to the time of the test; discharges within the constraints of a KPDES permit from the Kentucky Division of Water; and discharges specified in writing by the MS4 representative or their designee as being necessary to protect public health and safety.
(Ord. 14-08, passed 9-3-2014)