§ 33.03 MAYOR PRO-TEM.
   (A)   The position known as "Mayor Pro-Tem" is hereby created. The Mayor Pro-Tem shall be selected as follows: the Council member receiving the highest number of votes in the most recent City Council election shall serve as Mayor Pro-Tem.
   (B)   If the Council member declines acceptance, then the Council member receiving the next highest number of votes, and so on, shall be deemed Mayor Pro-Tem. In the event of a tie, then the Mayor Pro-Tem shall be determined in accordance with state law for the breaking of ties in an election.
   (C)   The duties and responsibilities of the Mayor Pro-Tem shall be in compliance with Kentucky Revised Statutes.
   (D)   The Mayor Pro-Tem shall preside over meetings of the Council in the Mayor's absence and shall not be deemed by this section to have been delegated any function of the Mayor which is an executive or administrative power, duty or responsibility.
(Ord. 03-03, passed 7-7-2003)