(A)   Adoption of the Kentucky Building Code.
      (1)   The Kentucky Building Code, promulgated in 815 KAR 7:120 and the Kentucky Residential Code promulgated in 815 KAR 7:125 by the Board of Housing, Buildings and Construction, Commonwealth of Kentucky, are hereby adopted in full as an ordinance of the city as if set out at length herein.
      (2)   A copy of the Kentucky Building Code is on file in the office of the City Clerk, and the Clerk shall at all times keep a copy of the Building Code for reference.
      (3)   An attested copy of this section shall be transmitted to the Office of Housing, Buildings and Construction of the state.
      (4)   All editions, revisions and amendments thereto are likewise adopted on a continuing basis immediately upon the passage and effective date of the edition and the like, as if same was fully set forth at length herein.
      (5)   Further adopted and made a part hereof are all relevant portions of the International Code Council (ICC) which may be incorporated by the Kentucky Building Code and Kentucky Residential Code.
   (B)   Required contents of building plans. Required plan information shall be as follows (unless items are waived by the Building Inspector):
      (1)   All plans shall be drawn to scale. The preferred scale is an architectural drafting scale of one-quarter-inch;
      (2)   A title block shall be placed on the plan and shall contain the plan name, the name and address of the developer and the development address;
      (3)   The building use and the total square feet contained in the building shall be noted;
      (4)   A footprint of the building showing the building size, all exterior walls, interior space layout, egress doors and the distance to the nearest property line;
      (5)   The use of each separate room and/or area;
      (6)   A wall detail, which shall include a cross-section indicating the thickness, insulation, materials and interior/exterior treatments;
      (7)   A roof detail, which shall include a cross-section indicating depth and size;
      (8)   A foundation and footer detail which shall include a cross-section indicating depth and size;
      (9)   A basement detail shall include the elevation of the basement and the amount of basement that will be showing above ground level;
      (10)   Location and type of heating system;
      (11)   Location of plumbing and service entrance;
      (12)   Any other relevant information such as stair details, sprinkler information, special needs requirements and window detail;
      (13)   A copy of worker's comp insurance policy or signed affidavit if no employees;
      (14)   A copy of general liability insurance policy; and
      (15)   The permit application must be filled out completely or the permit cannot be issued.
   (C)   Signs. Appendix H of the International Building Code is expressly adopted and incorporated herewith as a part of this section. In addition, signs shall be located at least ten feet off the front property line, three feet from the side property line and shall not exceed 50 feet in height. See Appendix H of the IBC.
   (D)   Permit fee schedule. The permit fee schedule is expressly adopted and incorporated herewith as a part of this section.
   (E)   Penalties. Failure to pay fees and costs set forth herein, including re-calculated fees, and/or the failure to adhere to the local and state building code may result in the immediate termination of any permit previously granted to an applicant and the issuance of a stop work order. The applicant shall also be subject to other penalties which are more specifically set forth in the adopted Kentucky Building Codes and Kentucky Residential Codes, including monthly fines up to $1,000 per day.
(Ord. 07-10, passed 9-4-2007)