(a)   Effective January 1, 2011, in the event a manpower shortage occurs in the City Hall Departments because of an accident, sickness or vacation, and if said shortage creates an emergency or hardship to the department as determined by the department head and concurred with City Administration, the City will offer the option to buy back up to and not greater than fifty percent (50%) vacation time for employees in order to fill a vacancy or vacancies causing the emergency.  Employees choosing to participate will be recommended by their respective department heads.  The request for vacation buy back must be submitted directly from the department head, not the employee.  Said option to purchase vacation time shall be reserved by the City.  And under no circumstances shall the buyback exceed fifty percent (50%) of the employee’s vacation time earned in the current year.  All vacation time purchased and all vacation time shall be paid for by the City to said employee at the basic hourly rate of said employee.
   (b)   Vacation buy backs will only be paid with the first pay in December of each calendar year.  Requests for vacation buy backs for each employee must be approved by the department head and the City administration and submitted to the Finance Director by November 15th of each calendar year.
(Ord. 2010-0922.  Passed 10-6-10.)