(a)   The duties of the Clerk of Council are hereby fixed and prescribed by law and by the rules of Council adopted by the City of Campbell.
   (b)   The Clerk of Council shall be appointed by and may be removed by the Council.  The Clerk shall keep an accurate and complete Journal of all proceedings of Council, authenticate by her signature and have custody of all laws, ordinances and resolutions of Council, have custody of all official documents, reports, communications and files of Council, and perform such other duties as Council may require.
   (c)   The Clerk of Council may hold any other municipal appointive office but shall not hold any other municipal elective office.  During the absence of the Clerk of Council, Council shall appoint someone to perform all the duties of that office.
   (d)   The Clerk of Council shall maintain a full time office in the City Building except for holidays and such other days as the City Hall may be officially closed.
   (e)   The Finance Office shall keep the Clerk of Council’s attendance records.  The Clerk of Council shall report to the Finance Office upon reporting off from work.
   (f)   The compensation of the Clerk of Council shall be as per current salary ordinance.
   (g)   The Clerk of Council shall furnish bond in the amount of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) payable by the City.
(Ord. 84-7864.  Passed 1-4-84.)