The City of Campbell will provide for Fire Protection services throughout the City of Campbell.  It may choose to do so through the maintenance of a Fire Department, full-time or participation in a Fire District, participation in a mutual aid agreement, or by purchasing services from another entity.  City Council has complete discretion in determining the method by which it will provide for Fire Protection, and it may, at any time, enact legislation to change the method of service provision.  Should it determine to do so through the maintenance of a Fire Department the following shall apply.
   Should the Council elect to maintain and operate a Fire Department of the City, pursuant to the provisions of the paragraph stated immediately hereinabove, then, and only in that event, the Fire Department shall be constituted as follows:
   The Fire Chief shall be directly responsible and accountable to the Mayor and the Director of Administration.  The Mayor shall continue to appoint the Fire Chief until such time as an appointment can be made pursuant to this paragraph.  The Fire Chief shall be the supervisor of the Fire Department according to the civil service laws of the State of Ohio and the civil service provisions of this Charter.  The Fire Chief shall further be responsible for providing proper fire protection for the City.
   The size of the department, excluding the Fire Chief, shall not be more than one (1) fireman for every one thousand (1,000) of the population of the City.  Should there ever be a surplus in the size of the department, no positions need be abolished and the size may be reduced by attrition.
   The organization of the Fire Department relative to rank and the numbers in each rank shall be established by ordinance of the Council.
(Amended 11-2-04)