The Police Chief shall be appointed by the Mayor from within the ranks of the Police Department according to the civil service laws of the State of Ohio and the civil service provisions of this Charter. 
   The Mayor shall continue to appoint the Police Chief until such time as an appointment can be made pursuant to paragraph one (l) of this section. 
   The Police Chief shall be directly responsible and accountable to the Mayor and the Director of Administration. The Police Chief shall be the supervisor of the Police Department and shall be responsible for the enforcement of all laws, ordinances and resolutions. 
   The organization of the Police Department relative to rank and numbers in each rank shall be established by ordinance of the Council. 
   The Council shall provide for an auxiliary police unit within the police department of the City and provide for the regulations of the auxiliary police officers. 
   The size of the department, not inclusive of the Chief of Police, shall at no time be less than sixteen (16) full time police officers, nor more than eighteen (18) full time police officers. The number of police officers employed in a full time capacity by the city shall be determined on a annual basis by City Council. The City Council shall annually pass an ordinance fixing the number of full time police officers, and the City Council shall seek the advice and recommendations of whomsoever the Council shall deem appropriate. The City Council shall have the complete discretion in determining the number of full time police officers and may consider any factor it deems relevant in setting the number of full time police officers. The City Council shall further have the right. based upon emergency or exigent circumstances, to increase or decrease the size of the police department within a calendar year.