The Director of Law shall be elected in the same manner as the Mayor as prescribed by this Charter. He shall be an attorney at law, licensed to practice in the State of Ohio not less than three (3) years. The term of office shall be the same as that of the Mayor.
   The Director of Law shall be an elector of the municipality and shall have been, immediately prior to the date of filing his declaration of candidacy, a continuous resident of the municipality for at least two (2) years. During his term of office he shall not conduct personal business with the City or hold any other public office or elective office or any position within the municipal government of the City of Campbell, Ohio. If the Director of Law shall cease to possess any of these qualifications for such office, he shall forfeit his office.
   The Director of Law shall serve as legal counsel for all divisions of the municipality in connection with municipal affairs. Except as otherwise provided in this Charter, he shall possess the powers and perform the duties prescribed for Law Directors in the Revised Code of Ohio.
   The Director of Law shall be a part-time position and Council shall set the salary accordingly. The Director of Law may have other employment and shall perform his duties at the hours of his choice. However, he shall attend all Council Meetings.
   If a vacancy occurs in the office of Director of Law, such vacancy shall be filled for the unexpired term by mayoral appointment of a person possessing the qualifications listed in paragraph one (1).  If the Mayor cannot appoint a resident of the Municipality because no such person exists and/or is not interested in such appointment, the Mayor may appoint a non-resident to the position to fill the unexpired term.  The non-resident appointee must be licensed to practice law in the State of Ohio and have not less than three (3) years admission to the bar.
(Amended 11-7-06.)