The Director of Administration shall be appointed by the Mayor solely on the basis of his executive and administrative qualifications in the profession of public management, as judged by the adequacy of his technical training and his successful experience in public, commercial, or industrial administration. He shall be a resident or shall establish residence in the City of Campbell within a reasonable time after his appointment and shall remain a resident during his tenure in office.
   The Director of Administration shall have the following powers and duties:
   He shall be responsible to the Mayor for the general supervision and proper operation of the Police Department, the Fire Department, the Department of Street and Parks, and the Department of Sewage Treatment.
   He shall serve as the Manager of the Department of Water so long as the City maintains a public water utility.
   He shall serve as Purchasing Agent for all departments of the City and shall be a member of the Board of Control.
   He shall perform such other administrative duties as may be specified in this Charter, or required of him by the Mayor.
   In case of temporary absence of the Director of Administration, his powers and duties shall be assigned to the Director of Finance.
   The Director of Administration may be removed at the pleasure of the Mayor. The decision of the Mayor in regard to removal shall be final.
   The appointive positions of Director of Public Safety and Director of Public Service are hereby abolished effective January 1, 1972.