A.   Definition: Wherever the term "firearms" is used in this section, the term shall mean any instrument used in the propulsion of shot, shell or bullets or other harmful objects by the action of gunpowder exploded within it, or by the action of compressed air within it, or by the power of springs and including what are commonly known as air rifles and BB guns.
   B.   Concealed Weapons: It shall be unlawful for any person to carry concealed upon his person any brass knuckles, revolver, pistol, dagger, stiletto or other deadly weapon unless in possession of a valid and current concealed carry permit recognized by the state of Idaho.
   C.   Discharge Of Firearms: It shall be unlawful to discharge:
      1.   Firearms: Any firearm within the limits of the city of Cambridge; provided, however, that this section shall not be construed to prohibit any officer of the law from discharging a firearm in the performance of his or her duty, or a person from discharging a firearm in the lawful defense of person or persons or property, or a person from discharging a firearm on an approved sport shooting range as defined in section 55-2604, Idaho Code.
      2.   Exceptions; Permits: The city council may at any time, upon receipt of proper application, grant permits to sport shooting ranges, as that term is defined and used in title 55, chapter 26 of the Idaho Code, and others for shooting in fixed localities and under specified rules. Such permits shall be in writing attested by the city clerk conforming to such requirements as the city council shall demand, and the permit thus issued shall be subject to revocation at any time by action of the said council.
      3.   Other Weapons: Any bow or other weapon which will expel a projectile through the action of release of a pressurized gas, compressed air, expanding gas, explosive, or other force producing means or method including, but not limited to, objects commonly referred to as air guns, air pistols, air rifles, "BB" guns, pellet guns, blowguns, airsoft or similar guns, or paintball guns, upon or within the public right of way, public parks and other public property and ways, except at such locations as may be authorized for such purposes by the city council. (Ord. 10-2014, 9-15-2014)