A.   Filing Petition: Whenever the consent of the adjoining or neighboring owners is required as a prerequisite to the conduct of any business or occupation, or the location of any establishment, such consent must be obtained by securing the necessary signatures to a written consent petition. Such petition shall be filed with the City Clerk when signed.
   B.   Petition Renewal Not Required: Consents once given and filed shall not be withdrawn; and such petitions need not be renewed for the continuous conduct of the same business, whether by the same proprietor or not.
   C.   Authentic Names On Petition: It shall be unlawful to forge any name to such a petition or to represent falsely that the names thereon have been properly placed thereon if such is not the fact.
   D.   Affidavit Of Petitioner: Each consent when filed shall be accompanied by the affidavit of the person securing the signatures that each signature appearing therein was properly secured and written on; and that the petition contains the necessary number of signatures required by this Code.
   E.   Compliance With Zoning Regulations: The frontage consent requirements contained in this Code shall not be construed to amend or change any zoning provision of the City; and no such provision shall be construed as permitting the erection of a structure or building, or the conduct of a business or the commission of any act in any location where such structure, building, business or act is or are prohibited by any zoning law of the City. (1977 Code § 5-1-9)